Available in UK, Ireland and Finland!

We love beer.

Pint Please is a FREE mobile app for friends of good quality brew. It’s the easiest way to keep track of your favourite beers and get recommendations of new beers to taste. Pint Please is also highly social. You can share the best beers and pubs with your friends and other beer drinkers in your area. 



All beers at your fingertips

With Pint Please you always know which beers you have enjoyed, what you should enjoy next and what are the best places to enjoy beer. You'll also get personalised beer recommendations based on your taste. Pint Please recommends only beers that you can actually find in your area. Pint Please is the ultimate beer finder. Oh yeah, and we know the ciders too. 


Discover the best pubs nearby

Pint Please shows you all the pubs that are close to you. You can check which pubs serve the beers you like or beers that you might want to taste next. 


Know the pub

Having trouble deciding where to go? Check out the beers the local pubs serve and see the announcements, offers and photos. Pint Please will tell you what the local pubs are like. 


Beer Buzz

Pint Please tells you what's happening beerwise around your city. See what your friends are having and where are they hanging out. Your friends like the new BrewDog? Find out where you can give it a taste! 

Let your friends know what you like or don't like by sharing your tastings and beer ratings in Facebook or Twitter via Pint Please.


Available for iPhone and Android!

Available in UK, Ireland and Finland!